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Career Paths:
Hero’s can now embark down a career path, a line of professions that will lead to new abilities, skills, spells, items, and other bonuses. Each path, way, or road will lead into more complex and grand careers, opening access to more special abilities and skills. To begin down any career path you need to be the base character class listed before each of the types, thus a Fighter class could follow either the Way of the Warrior, The Way of the Ninja, or Way of the Monk simply by entering any of the careers listed below each entry (for the Way of the Warrior you could become a Samurai, Martial Artist or Soldier).
You can change career paths at any time by simply entering a gateway profession, or abandon a career path altogether and carve out your own path. Each profession will have to found in-game, the specifics of joining each career will vary by location and circumstance. There will be requirements for each profession, some of which will be acquiring certain items, time spent, goals accomplished, Skill requirements (minimum ranks in certain skills), and even XP cost.

The Way of the Warrior
Samurai- Martial Artist- Soldier
The Way of the Ninja
Spy- Ninja-
The Way of the Monk
Scribe- Initiate
Faiths Calling
Friar- Priest- Barber Surgeon
Wisdoms Calling
Cloistered Academic- Philosopher
Justice’s Calling
Watchmen- Guardian
Hunters Path
Scout- Outrider
Natures Path
Herbalist- Woodsman
Arrows Path
Fieldwarden- Roadwarden
The Thief’s Road
Burglar- Cut Purse
The Scavenger’s Road
Grave Robber- Rat Catcher
The Adventurer’s Road
Coachman- Crusading Academic


Sub-Human and Underground Races:
> Angswerden Brek – One common Dwarf Tongue
> Frowig – Halfling Speech
> Organk-Tak – Hobgoblin/Goblin hybrid, no written form
> Clak – Hobgoblin
> Orgonk – also known as Black Speech, trolls, giants etc. primary Goblin language, no written form
> Shaguk – Orcish, simple heiroglyphic written form

The Languages of Man:
> Holmish – predominant language spoken throughout the Hammerlands
> Vassagonian – Spoken in the far south
> Vladic – Spoken in the northern lands
> Shaddaki – Spoken in the far west and Eru
> Hunan – Temple language
> Kojiki – Temple language
> Chanka – spoken in the Wild Lands
> City Speak – also known as thieves tongue

Fey Speak:
> Lemuralion – Common Elvish
> Shalior – High Elvish, spoken by the Elvish upper class
> Hempunan – also known as Merchant Speak
> Shemur – known as Old Elvish, never taught to non-elves
> Winkledon – Fairy Speak, no written form
> Equis – Centaur language

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