The Leaf


Sweetleaf: A favored Pipeweed of the wee-folk, it is traditionally smoked in the evening. it is well renowned for its aromatic and delicious taste and the cultivating of it is a jealously guarded secret. It is often given as a gift of friendship. It is also favored among the Mannish races for its slightly euphoric qualities.

Lanno’s Smoke: named for the Gaffer credited with originally harvesting it, Lanno’s Smoke is often enjoyed at home with a good book. Routinely traded with Big Folk, it is beloved by scholars for its memory enhancing effect, bestowing bonuses of +10 to any Lore skill utilizing books while smoked and up to one hour after the pipe is laid aside, if a bowl is finished. It is used in certain cities of men in great quantities and is generally called Sageleaf.

Noonsmoke: put into calabash bowls by the Wee Folk, this leaf is for smoking in the late morning. just as there are specific mealtimes, there are specific smoke times and Noonsmoke is considered best lit after brunch or lunch. Having a truly outstanding taste it also provides a +10 to any fear based resistance rolls due to its “relaxing” nature for up to 3 hours after a finished bowl. It is also loved for its smoke, which changes color subtly if stirred by a breeze in sunlight. This makes for the finest smoke rings and hours of prochside amusement.

Grayleaf: a dark hued pipeleaf that burns slowly and is often hard to keep lit. it is a well liked leaf amongst serious pipe-smokers. It has a rich, brandy like taste and far ranging deep scent. inhaling Greyleaf smoke provides a great calmness and sense of profound well being. as such it provides a +20 to any non-urgent activity for up to two hours for the smoker. it does having a slowing affect, reducing academic skills and Will resistances by -10 and reducing movement by 50% while affected.

Leaningfellow: named in the sensible halfling fashion for its produced effect, Leaningfellow is often smoked at official gatherings when negotiating important social matters. a light, fruity aroma, it is one of the few smokes that affect the smoker and anyone nearby by drastically reducing aggressive qualities and tendencies. Any non hostile person so affected will refrain from engaging in hostile action. Further, all combat activities, or aggressive action is modified by -30. The effects dissipate quickly, however, and are easily dispersed outside or by a gentle breeze.

Houndseye: while not a smoke, it is commonly cultivated and used by Halflings. It is a mushroom which looks like a shrivelled mannish ear. Normally it is chopped finely and then boiled in milk, it is then poured over the food bowls of a Halflings watchdogs. it does not work on sapient creatures but adds a +20 to the awareness rolls of any animal. Many Shirriffs who travel with a guard dog (or three) usually keep a small sackfull in their gear.


The Leaf

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