Elvish Herbs


Hurthkal: This Lichen is prepared by boiling very small amounts and allowing them to dry. It is then, traditionally, added to wine and consumed. After imbibing, any healing effect is doubled for up to one hour. This typically precedes a sleeping cycle for an injured Elf but can include magical healing as well.

Cooilgan: This sweet, thick honey is created in rocky crevices by a type of bee known in Lemuralion as Cilik. The honeys’ taste is superior, and would be enough to make it desirable even without its healing properties. When a generous dollop is consumed, it heals 1D100 hits at a rate of 1 hit per round.

Nereids Crown: This is a short, stocky mushroom harvested from the sides of rocky waterways. When properly prepared and then ingested, it allows the user to breathe either water or air for up to 30 minutes afterwards.

Gerdum-Tiurn: Meaning “Frigid Flower” in common Elvish, this rare plant is found in icy caves at high altitude. Often the sole reason for perilous expeditions into these areas, the herb is valuable indeed. Immediately after consuming this rare and beautiful flower, the eater is reduced to only 10% activity for 48 hours due to complete exhaustion as the potent herb is digested. Afterwards, this herb has the powerful effect to increase the potential of the eater. If a level is gained within the next six months, one attribute may be raised by one point (up to a maximum of 100).

Wyrmseave: One of the most dangerous herbs to collect, this verdant green moss is found hanging in long tendrils from the ledges in caverns where Dragons lair (or have laired). Rarely sought out for its own sake as it is found only in the lairs of these great beasts, it is commonly harvested only after these creatures are found and slain – which is rare – and usually at grievous cost. Wyrmseave must be prepared and then wrapped about a persons body for a full day (24 hours). During this period it dries and then disappears, conferring its properties to its wearer. Then, from the following sun-up to sun-down, the user is immune to elemental damage, either from Dragon-kind or spell magic. Additionally, all magically related skills (including spell casting) are at +10%.

Bella’ Cimber: This peculiar Ivy- like hanging moss is extremely rare in natural settings but once found, is remarkably easy to cultivate. It is never found as more than a single plant, which is usually taken and planted on a wall or other solid structure. After an extremely long growth period it produces two plants. Elven Rangers and Monks often spend many years cultivating this useful herb. After harvesting it is typically brewed into a delicious tea. This tea has a limited and specific effect, but one that is quite beneficial. When consumed, the properties of any movement spells cast within two hours are doubled.

Mnussuop: This grey colored bush grows in cold climes. The thorns are chewed by spellcasters for more than their cool, sharp taste. They bestow a caster with a +25 to all Spell Casting static maneuvers for the next 1D10 minutes.

Crøgpur: Harvested from the Crøg, a large and highly intelligent frog often used as a familiar. After the frogs death it turns to stone, this stone then collects a much valued lichen if kept in a dark, damp place. This lichen, which melts on the tongue as some spices do, effectively doubles the range through which a spell user can view the world through his familiar’s senses. A second, equally valuable affect, is that any healing (either by spell or other effect) received by one will also heal the other at half potency.


Elvish Herbs

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