Hafling Thief


In the shadows, beneath the cloak and armor is a male wearling hafling standing at 4’2", sparkling green eyes, dirty blonde hair and many scars. Most notably the scars circling his arms at the shoulders and around his legs at the groin that make it look like they were sewn together.


Born in the Waerlin community of Gnoallyss. He was Second youngest of his six brothers and two sisters.His village was destroyed by goblins when he was eight. He and his youngest sister Venta managed not to be found, though it did not hide them from the sounds of carnage. The screams and sounds of family and friends being raped and eaten alive haunts him vividly to this day. For four years they wandered aimlessly stealing and begging to survive. Then they found Eastwick. Both were given a place to sleep at the temple of Mirath where Venta learned about being a priestess and was sent to another temple to propperly learn the ways of Mirath. After that Took spent more time wandering the city profiting from the loose coin purses of the ignorant big people than at the temple. One day he tried to pick the pocket of a random elf. The elf caught him but instead of punishing Took he took pity on the little one and took him underwing. The two became quick and inseperable friends. Keokuk helped refine Tooks skills, teaching him how to propperly stalk his prey, discretion and subtlety. Took learned how to fight and the value of different hebs that would help a person survive on what Keokuk would call scouting trips, giving Took badges when he “passed” certain criterea.


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