The Restless Dead


Unnatural extension of human or bestial existence gives birth to the Undead- transformed souls that harbor disturbing intentions. Some retain the ability to reason and act upon their thoughts while others become pawns, responding to the foul will of a corrupted soul. All have passed through the gates of death and linger in the world of the living. The restless dead prefer the shadowy lack of definition that fills the night rather than the harsh clarity of day, since Man’s fear of the unknown is heightened by darkness. Ironically, the force of life feeds this terror, as often those who fall to the Undead become Undead themselves.

Wretched abominations that continue after death all share one common trait, a hatred of the living. They can sense the life force of these beings and are drawn to destroy them, either through mindless destruction or cruel machinations. The very touch of the Undead drains the life from those alive, a cold, remorseless embrace, sapping the very essence of a being until they succumb and join these beasts in un-life.

Foul magics of the blackest sort are needed to summon these creatures, only those rare fools desirous of power are willing to brave the horrible corruption of the primal Essence in such a way. Sometimes pacts are made, with ruinous powers that dwell outside the realm of Man, unholy bargains that promise great power, always at horrifying costs; sometimes still, the sheer evil of a place, sites of mortal atrocities and vile acts, can create the Undead, animating these horrors to stalk the land of the living. However created, once returned from beyond the threshold of death to un-life, the restless dead are very hard to destroy, often rising again and again. It is for this reason that only the bravest and most stalwart souls face these horrors. Those souls of the strongest faith and conviction can sometimes drive away these creatures, for the Undead hate these beings above all else. Some mortals, whose souls are strengthened by the most absolute of faiths, can literally burn away these creatures with their very presence, their symbols driving them back the darkness that spawned them. It is this antagonistic relationship that drives many Undead to seek out places of worship and spiritual harmony, attempting to corrupt and destroy them so they may inhabit them for themselves. Indeed, fallen temples and abandoned places of worship often harbor great numbers of these creatures, drawn there by forces beyond their understanding and control.

The Restless Dead

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