The Beastiary


A lions body with the head of an eagle, the body ends in a large scaley fishes tail. while some creatures possess wings capable of flight, most have small non-functioning wings. Excellent swimmers, they prefer to ambush their prey, bursting from the water and slashing with their powerful clawed forelimbs, and then return quickly to the water. like the more typical Griffon, Mergryphs can be trained to carry riders, often by Mermen or other type creatures.

Bred as mounts for the lighter weighing races, these animals are more closely related to mountain goats, or the Steppe dwelling yak. Their common name comes from the shaggy wool like coat they develop. Larger than their domesticated, wool producing cousins, these creatures do not shy away from combat. The short, dense wool (that is not useful for more mundane purposes), provides added protection to these diminutive battle mounts. indeed, in some situations they are more useful then a horse, being much more adept at crossing rocky terrain or even traversing the sides of steep cliffs. It is often that when regular mounts must be abandoned owing to some terrain feature, the lucky owner of a War Sheep may continue on. another advantage is that, due to a special design of the hoof, no doubt adapted to rocky cliffside terrain, they do not need to be shoed. this is often helpful as when requested for a "sheep"shoe, most Smith’s simply stare in shocked amusement.


The Beastiary

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