Rev. Terrance Phillips

Clergy of Mirath


Terrance Phillips was born to a high Priestess of Mirath, Sister Mira, his father a devoted servant. Male children of the priestesses have never been raised to be Clergy of Mirath as it is prophesized that the children will grow to have unmatched power and that power would corrupt even the purest of souls. However, his mother had a dream… a dream that would forever change the Town of Eastwick and the landscape of Palantine. A dream that one day, the man that this little helpless child would become would bring about an epic change that would rain peace over every inch of Palantine. She believed that one day he would have the power to heal the chasm between the races and unite the three city-states of Eastwick, Breeton, and Talestria. Together the three fiefdoms would grow and spread fertility to even the most barren lands of Palentine.

Beloved Frenemies: Keokuk, Took, and Korosu.

Love Interests: Mirath, and all her glorious children.

Goals: Wisdom, Strength, Piety. (Terrance believes that Piety starts with Pie and ends with Tea)

Fluff: He’s got lots of it after all that Pie and Tea!

Rev. Terrance Phillips

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