People and Places of Coldgrove

City of Coldgrove


A large beautiful city isolated by forrest in Telestria. Very tranquill with many various structures from small wigwam to large stone structures. Population of 1000’s.

Alys family: Well to do family. Supporters of Isolda. Live in a nice single level stone house. Basement is checker tile of gray and tan. Chest hidden in mattress of their bed that delivers a shocking surprise.

Arnold Pothocary: Owner of one of the two appothocaries in Coldgrove. Doesn’t care for children as they aren’t potential buyers.

Dutchess Isolda Drayton: She is much beloved by her people. Has a love of fine wines and ales. Oh, and also is an evil powerful sorceress. She stole The Heart of the Earth Mother (a talisman) from Shelia Wolff and is hiding it in the castle of a vampyre named Vladanom to desicrate it for some sinister reason while providing Vladanom with children to sacrifice.

Hasheen: Two dark figures that do Isoldas bidding. Assassins with unnatural power. can move without being seen.

Lo Quan: A.K.A. Little Tiger. The smaller of the two Hunaan Tiger Clan members living in the city. Hairstyle is Buisness up front (shaved) party in the back (ponytail) the original Skullet. Many tattoos all over body his tiger tattoo is on his right arm. Member of La Resistance. Follower of Sheila. Teaching Took martial arts.

Phi Ho: A.K.A. Big Tiger. The bigger of the two Hunaan Tiger Clan members living in the city. Shaved head, big tiger tattoo on his chest. Member of La Resistance. Follower of Sheila Wolff.

Roos Family: Live in large stone house in same neighborhood of Alys family. They have children. Supporters of Isolda.

Shelia Wolff: Human Druid. Leader of La Resistance. Red Head, scantily clad, earthly Carthen woman. Ability to control nature and cast illusions. Five years ago Isolda Drayton and her minions murdered her coven.

Rouge Knight: Biggest inn in Coldgrove. 1 silver gets you stable for your horse, a nice bath, some of the best food, and spacious accommodations. It has a lively tavern and casino attached.
Current status; burned down thanks to La Resistance.

The Cheap Blessing: Smallest inn in Coldgrove. 2 copper gets you a small room with sleeping mat that makes you thankfull UV lights haven’t been invented.

The Keep: The Dutchess’s fortress. Large stone structure with towers. a moat inside the Outer wall.

Underground Teahouse: Secret meeting place of La Resistance.

Cost 40 silver for a light horse.


People and Places of Coldgrove

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