Nefarious Names



Cybil Applebee: Halfling, member of the Wild Sprouts. Hired by Godfrey to apparently tarnish the name of the Alfalfa Warriors (A rival halfling gang in Noamore. A.K.A. Denys Hache (Alias used in Oakmore)

Drayton Family: Family from Applevine. Had a Summoning circle of Gogun in the basement of their house (which has since been burned down). Known to work with goblins.

Godfrey Fowler: Well to do Halfling. Had the players delivering a magical book to Oakmore. Turned out to be a trick of the Wild Sprouts attempting to tarnish the name of the Alfalfa Warriors. Has since fled Eastwick.

Whislte Finn: Part of the group of Wild Sprout members posing as Alfalfa Warriors near Oakmore. Was released by heroes after answering a few questions.


Nefarious Names

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