Spread out across the land, the cities of man flourish, even in this violent age. From the robust, blonde haired, hearty warriors of the North. Their largest city Hammerveist, sitting on the Rainy Sea, with its magnificent wooden halls, stands atop a hill for all to see. To the slender, tanned Andorians in the south, known throughout the lands for their legendary archers and bows of unequalled quality.

Man has proven to be an enduring race despite its constant internal warring. City-States, fiefdoms and small principalities are the main refuge of humanity. gathering in ever growing cities like Eastwick, Talestria, and Breeton. There are also countless small communities, hamlets and viliages scattered across the landscape. some owing fealty to local warlords and others banding together for their survival. In the north the warring is nearly constant, as countries or territories like Lovka, Reikland and Thaneland produce a new crop of warlord annually. Warlords eager to charge into battle to make their name and secure their place among the honored dead. In the east, on the coast of Anchalon, the great sea, lies the barbarian kingdoms. The lands are harsh and so are the peoples. Tribes of Groths and Kalt warriors raid and pillage. taking plunder and lives where they can. the land is poor for farming and everywhere are creatures and beasts waiting to prey on the foolish and unlucky.

In ancient times milllenia ago, settlers came from far, far in the East. Across the uncrossable Sea, Anchalon, they arrived in the Hammerlands to start a new life. Their were two cultures, the Hunan and the Kojiki. They were not firendly towards one another, though ,and brought with them an ancient rivalry dating back to the beginning of their cultures. They found creating a life with the indiginous Holmish peoples while maintaining their culture and history, nearly impossible. Unable to return to their lands they withdrew to isolated independent, Temple-sanctuaries where they could maintain their ways and cultures (and protect themselves from the local inhabitants as well as their cultural rivals). Centuries have now passed and these enormous, ancient and beautiful temples now hide themselves away behind giant walls. protected by their Monks and Warriors they stand amidst but apart from the dealings of the Holmish.

Beyond the Hammerlands, between those lands and the Darklands, tucked on the western slopes of the Ironstep mountains lies the country of Eru. A highly political and industrious society, they pride themselves on their learning. They have cities filled with columned temples to worship the vast pantheon of Gods, Demi-Gods and Powerful beings. Claimed to be ruled by the people, their Senate endlessly debates behind closed doors in grand marble halls. Ceaselessly plotting their next moves and countermoves in a neverending scheme. The people bide spend their time entrhralled by the spectacle of the grand colloseum.



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