Korosu Harubaru

Kojiki Samurai Warrior (Ronin)


In his travels, Korosu befriended a priest of Mirath. His time spent with this priest left him with a respect for the worshipers of Mirath. Korosu no longer travels with this priest, but this friendship leaves Korosu with an affinity for the followers of Mirath. He gravitates towards cities and towns that have a temple in honor of Mirath as a safe haven in foreign lands.

Korosu has an ideological respect for both Dwarves and Elves. The legends of these races left a deep seeded impression of honor existing among these races. His experiences with the living representatives of these races has not matched the legend, but he tends to give them the benefit of doubt.

He holds no such illusion about the men and halflings outside of Kojiki lands.

He has come to live in Eastwick as it positions him in close proximity to interact with all of these races. He hopes to introduce honor to the lesser races, and re-introduce honor to the legendary races, if for no other reason than to make them more predictable. Ten lifetimes may not be enough for this task.

Korosu Harubaru

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