Gnomes, or Halflings as they are commonly known, are a friendly and gregarious race. ranging in height from 3.5 to 4.5 feet they cover all spectrums of hair color and skin color. in fact, they seem to mimic the ethnic traits of the Mannish communities they live in (or near). being far more prodigious than their Dwarf cousins, they have numerous all-halfling communities. these communities are almost always located near (or in) other races cities. this is generally for protection as Halflings are not very aggressive or warlike, as well as for ease of trade and fellowship (of which halflings are famous). despite their small statures they are voracious eaters (and drinkers) and many an unaware member of a different species has found themselves drunk under the table by one of these friendly little fellows.
when not a partof a larger races community, Halflings live in elaborate burrows dug out from hills themselves, generally in clear areas with little tree cover. These burrows make perfect homes for Kobolds and are much sought after by them. it is for this reason that this generally amiable and friendly people have a near universal hatred of Kobold kind.
it is believed that Gnomes are a cross between Dwarfs and Man but all three races generally deny this distasteful history.

Haelflinga come in four primary family types. Though often missed by other, less attentive races, are easily spotted by their own kind.
Haerfeat are the most common type. They are generally the shortest as well as the darkest in hair color and complexion. Males generally wear their hair short and do not cultivate facial hair.
Waenfal are, in contrast, the tallest of the types. fairer in skin color, they most resemble the other Mannish races. Hair colors are lighter with blondes, reds and light browns being the norm. while fewer in number than their Haerfeat cousins, they are the most active with the other races in communication and habitation. in fact, most of the halflings that live amongst the other races fall into this family type.
Staeknil are the stockiest of the folk, they are often seen as shorter than their Haerfeat cousins due to their somewhat wider profile. falling as a compromise between Haerfeat and Waenfal in both coloration and manner, they have one unique feature, male Staeknil are able to sustain full and rich beard growth. this endears them somewhat to Dwarven-kind and makes them the most likely to interact or settle next to Dwarves than any of the other races.
The last of the Haelflinga family groups are the Waerlin. They are, by far, the rarest of the groups. being second tallest of the wee-folk (behind Waenfal) they also have several other unique features. Believed to be intermingled with the Elvish races (a vicious rumor) their eyes are slightly canted and their ears have a gentle upsweep to them, ending in a pointed tip. Their coloring ranges the full spectrum of the mannish races and they are slightly thinner than other Haelflinga (though still great eaters). Their eye colors, however, are extraordinary, exhibiting brightly jeweled hues of greens, blues, ambers and violets. They are also most likely of all half-folk to wear shoes, as opposed to the barefooted customs of their cousins.


“The tavern is the Halflings temple; his objects of worship, the Pipe and the Pint”
Traditional Halfling saying

“Good beer is like an old friend-well regarded but often taken for granted.”
Common Haelflinga tavern phrase

“Tell me of contentment! There may be something better in the world than a mug, a bowl of leaf and a meal – there may be.”
Attributed to Kestrel Walkabout, a noted Shirriff


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