The threat of the 3 Kingdoms

our Heros move to stop, or at least halt, the plans set in motion against the Peoples of Eastwick. A giant Orc army looms in the Nimros Mountains a mere season away from sweeping down on the Peoples of Eastwick, in the land of Doring (also called the Three Kingdoms). In the small, quaint town of Applevine they uncover a plot involving a local family, named Drayton, to work with a Goblin Clan to bring about some foul end. After bringing this information to King Ironhammer, they return to Applevine to continue the fight. Thinking to combat this looming threat they are instead swept into a larger series of events which may herald a change in the very nature of the Three Kingdoms.

Forced into a vile sorcery of Orcish creation that allows the covering of great distances in moments, they find themselves teleported to the very heart of the Nimros Mountains, to Mount Nimiro itself. There they uncover a vastly more threatening menace. An army of Orc and Goblin so numerous that it blankets the very mountain top. Led by evil and foul beasts they barely escape with their lives intact.
With it now critically important that they deliver this news to Eastwick, but with winter soon approaching, they decide to flee the mountains by the shortest path to the neighboring Talestria and by that route to head to Eastwick. Escaping the Nimros Mountains they arrive in the town of Cold Grove. They try to enlist the help of the matriarch there but to their shock and horror they find the matriarch to be a Drayton, and in league with the dark forces threatening Doring.
Our Hero’s find that the Matriarch Isolda Drayton has stolen a powerful artifact of the forest; A protective talisman of the forest spirit. She entrusted its keeping to a vile and powerful lich called Vladonom, a horrific monster that lives in the Pathos Mountains far to the north. Without the artifact, called the Heart of the Forest, the Druids of the Sherin Woods are unable to fight the growing forces of darkness gathering there.



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