The Adventure Begins...

The Robust town of Eastwick lies in the southern area of what is known as the Heimellands (Hammerlands). It is ruled by King Tadal Ironhammer, an aging warriorlord. He is well known for quelling the Giant uprising in the Hethergault as well as finding and killing the legendary bandit-king Osmo. He is generous and well liked and although he is a warlord who took his throne by force, he is always willing to aid and support the local communities and people in his domain. he is now an old man, sitting alone in his mighty hall, and there is a new generation waiting to take his place and carve their own names into the history books of Palantine.
Eastwick prospers laying between the Vladic lands in the north and Andoria in the south. much trade and diversity is to be found within her low-walled city and one can find just about anything, even goods from as far away as the remote lands of Vassagonia. An occasional Elf can be seem in and around the city, trading and visiting and some even taking up residence for a time though their reclusive nature makes permanent residence rare. The city bustles with Halflings and its army of mostly drunken warriors provides most of the protection for the Halfling community of Gnoamor that lies to the southwest at the edge of the mighty Lemulain forest (ancient home of the Elves). Dwarves can be seen throughout the city, living and working with all members of the community. there is even a highway that runs from Eastwick to the Solitary mountain fortress ,Ironforge, to the west. Ironforge (or its Dwarven name Bok-Thaumog) is the lone Dwarven city in Palantine. resting in the Iron Spine mountains it is an ancient and mighty fortress built into the very mountain itself. It is a reverent place for Dwarfish kind and it is required that all Dwarves, regardless of where they make their homes, must make a pilgrimage there at least twice every century.

Because of the healthy and robust commerce to be had in Eastwick, the surrounding hills and forests are repleat with bandits and villians, waiting to make an easy score on a local farming community or poorly guarded caravans. Because of this, mercenaries and bounty hunters are in excellent supply as well. there are even a few Elvish bounty hunters. using their cultural skills to track down their criminal prey.
making the area even more diverse is the constant threat of Goblin and Kobold clans in the Hills and small mountains to the east. Being unable to eradicate them from their hillside homes, their populations grow until they are too great and spill out into the surrounding communities.



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