The land of Doring includes many small fiefdoms, each with its own King or Warlord. Chief among these are the City-States of Eastwick, Breeton, and the territory of Talestria, the three forming a sort of triangle on the southern edge of the Heimal Lands. In this triangle, Breeton rests in the Northwest, Talestria in the Northeast and Eastwick in the south. As contact and trade with the far south increases, Eastwick grows, and it is only recently (in the last 200 years or so) that this three way relationship has existed. With the decline of the mighty warlord Tadal Ironhammer, Eastwick is increasingly threatened, as both the youngest and smallest of the three nations. The land of Eastwick, as the town itself, are focused on agriculture and lumbering and as such is a rich target for a hungry warlord. Because of this focus there is no one stable religious or organizational body (except for the King) exerting any specific influence on this region. You can therefore find all manner of practices and beliefs in its people, who are largely overlooked (with the exception of tax time).
In contrast the City-State of Breeton, situated on the northern edge of the Sherin Wood, is the oldest and most well established of the three. Having a rich religious tradition as well as a monarchy that has lasted for the better part of a millennia. The land surrounding Breeton is varied to harsh and so its people are hardy and resilient. With huge marshes to the northwest and the dangerous barbarian lands known as the Thaneland to the northeast, the only direction for expansion is into Talestria or Eastwick. This causes conflict year after year, but only when Breeton is not defending itself from Vladic invaders from the north.
Talestria falls in the middle of the three in both size and age. Governed by a group of powerful figures from each of the major towns and areas in its domain, its leadership changes almost daily. As a nation, it spends most of its time and energy fending off attacks from the countless hordes of sub-humans that dwell in the region as well as from the dreaded lands of the Groths to the north. Only the Nimiro Range, which extends nearly all the way across its northern border, prevents it from being overrun by the northern hordes (although it provides the near limitless supply of Gobliins and other hostile races to fight).



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