The Heart is lost!

Keokuk and Bag o’ Took ride off on a magestic winged steed toward the heart of the Sherin Wood as Terrance, Korosu, and the NPC monks that would soon be dead, try to navigate their way back to Cold Grove, without any kind of navigational skills.

The Life and Times of Keokuk… Flying off to the Sherin Wood, Keokuk is warned by his steed that there are great dangers in the air over Sherin. Not heeding the warning, is attacked by a winged dragon-like creature, narrowly escaping his own fate. Seeing the error of his ways, he navigates through the forest alone. He encounters some trolls patrolling the woods and narrowly evades capture. Keokuk then decides to watch the trolls and pass them while they sleep. A couple days pass, they don’t sleep. Keokuk, leaning up agaisnt a tree within sight of the trolls, yawns. “Well these two things don’t seem like there going to sleep any time soon. Gosh, I’m beat…” He leans back into the crook of his tree and takes a nap. Suddenly, he awakens to all the air being forced from his lungs and a giant fist clenched around his body. Then darkness. Keokuk awakes again, now tied to a BBQ spit asks “what would Took do?”. He manages to get one hand free and in solid Keokuk fashion, forgets he can cast spells. After much prompting from the GM, “I mean, what could you possibly do being able to speak and with one free hand?” “I can’t imagine what you possibly could do with a free hand and being able to speak.” Keokuk remembers that he CAN cast spells and merges into a tree to free himself from the bindings. Naked, in the woods, with all his equipment disappearing from sight, casts Moving Ways and gets in front of the trolls. He leaps from a bow onto the sack of goodies being carried by the troll. Seeing a naked elf that was tied to spit now adorns his goody bag, the troll grabs his sword as Keokuk runs. The Benny Hill music plays as Keokuk gets chased by the trolls and eventually gets captured yet again and loses the heart. The End. In summary, The Elf of Action yet again forgets that he’s awesome and that he had the entire power of the forest in his hands and failed to use it.

Terrance, Korosu and the NPC monks… On the road again… As Keokuk disappears toward the BBQ spit, Terrance, Korosu, and the NPC Monks begin travel. Not knowing which way to go, Terrance follows his gut. They encounter a trail that leads to a farmer which leads to a village. An NPC monk scouts the trail behind our heroes and discovers a hoard of gypsies following their trail. Knowing that they might endanger the village, our heroes flee the village telling them to cooperate with the gypsies. They keep running and find an old man in a cabin by a lake. Korosu kidnaps him and forces him to lead the heroes to some other place where they would steal some poor farmer’s horses. Following the mountains, they ride to another farm. Only this farm is occupied by people of faith. Terrance heals their grandmother and our heroes trade out tired horses for fresh ones. They travel to Cold Groveto find the city is in rough shape. Feeling inspired by a dream Terrance had, our heroes invade Stronghold Drayton. The NPC monks hold off a hoard of gypsies while Terrance battles a couple Dryads and Korosu faces Isolda Draytons 2 henchmen. A battle insues! Terrance makes things explode! Korosu fights defensively until he gets an openning, and then in samurai fashion, gets covered in blood spray from his enemies. The NPC monks hold at bay the gypsies as our heroes, Terrance and Korosu enter Stronghold Drayton. Korosu has a showdown with a samurai orc and defeats him im a single blow. A rain of arrows falls on the hoard of gypsies as a band of elves known as the Ghost Striders, erupts from the surrounding village in a full attack. Terrance and Korosu chase after Lady Drayton up to the keep. As they kick open the doors, a twist of fate (and GM intervention) would have Keokuk chained to a wall, and Isolda Drayton with a bolt of arcane energy aimed at his face. Isolda tells Terrance and Korosu to surrender. Terrance looks at Korosu and says, “Dude, I totally gots this! Kill that bisnitch” In a flash, Korosu draws his sword and flings it toward her, as Isolda fires at Keokuk. Terrance, draws upon the mighty power of Mirath with his insantaneous Counterspell, cancelling her wickedly powerful arcane bolt. Korosu’s sword pierces the air and plunges into the chasm that once housed her heart killing her instantaneously. Our heroes are like “don’t F*ck with Mirath, biotch!” The elves rejoice! Unfortunately the NPC monks have perished, but not by the hands of the gypsies, no… Those damn racist elves where like, “We don’t want YOUR KIND ’round here!” and then shoot them in the back.

Signed, Brother Terrance Phillips.

The Heart

The Hero’s liberate the mighty forest artifact from the castle of the Lich Vladonom, but at a terrible cost. The Halfling Took is killed by a vile creature, eaten alive, and the powerful Druid Shelia is left to cover their escape. With Shelia presumably lost to the Vampiric brides of the Lich, the return of the heart is now left in the hands of the Ranger Keokuk. Riding a majestic winged horse, with the heart and whats left of Took, Keokuk speeds to the Sherin Wood to replace the artifact and straight into the darkness that is gathering there.

The threat of the 3 Kingdoms
our Heros move to stop, or at least halt, the plans set in motion against the Peoples of Eastwick. A giant Orc army looms in the Nimros Mountains a mere season away from sweeping down on the Peoples of Eastwick, in the land of Doring (also called the Three Kingdoms). In the small, quaint town of Applevine they uncover a plot involving a local family, named Drayton, to work with a Goblin Clan to bring about some foul end. After bringing this information to King Ironhammer, they return to Applevine to continue the fight. Thinking to combat this looming threat they are instead swept into a larger series of events which may herald a change in the very nature of the Three Kingdoms.

Forced into a vile sorcery of Orcish creation that allows the covering of great distances in moments, they find themselves teleported to the very heart of the Nimros Mountains, to Mount Nimiro itself. There they uncover a vastly more threatening menace. An army of Orc and Goblin so numerous that it blankets the very mountain top. Led by evil and foul beasts they barely escape with their lives intact.
With it now critically important that they deliver this news to Eastwick, but with winter soon approaching, they decide to flee the mountains by the shortest path to the neighboring Talestria and by that route to head to Eastwick. Escaping the Nimros Mountains they arrive in the town of Cold Grove. They try to enlist the help of the matriarch there but to their shock and horror they find the matriarch to be a Drayton, and in league with the dark forces threatening Doring.
Our Hero’s find that the Matriarch Isolda Drayton has stolen a powerful artifact of the forest; A protective talisman of the forest spirit. She entrusted its keeping to a vile and powerful lich called Vladonom, a horrific monster that lives in the Pathos Mountains far to the north. Without the artifact, called the Heart of the Forest, the Druids of the Sherin Woods are unable to fight the growing forces of darkness gathering there.


The land of Doring includes many small fiefdoms, each with its own King or Warlord. Chief among these are the City-States of Eastwick, Breeton, and the territory of Talestria, the three forming a sort of triangle on the southern edge of the Heimal Lands. In this triangle, Breeton rests in the Northwest, Talestria in the Northeast and Eastwick in the south. As contact and trade with the far south increases, Eastwick grows, and it is only recently (in the last 200 years or so) that this three way relationship has existed. With the decline of the mighty warlord Tadal Ironhammer, Eastwick is increasingly threatened, as both the youngest and smallest of the three nations. The land of Eastwick, as the town itself, are focused on agriculture and lumbering and as such is a rich target for a hungry warlord. Because of this focus there is no one stable religious or organizational body (except for the King) exerting any specific influence on this region. You can therefore find all manner of practices and beliefs in its people, who are largely overlooked (with the exception of tax time).
In contrast the City-State of Breeton, situated on the northern edge of the Sherin Wood, is the oldest and most well established of the three. Having a rich religious tradition as well as a monarchy that has lasted for the better part of a millennia. The land surrounding Breeton is varied to harsh and so its people are hardy and resilient. With huge marshes to the northwest and the dangerous barbarian lands known as the Thaneland to the northeast, the only direction for expansion is into Talestria or Eastwick. This causes conflict year after year, but only when Breeton is not defending itself from Vladic invaders from the north.
Talestria falls in the middle of the three in both size and age. Governed by a group of powerful figures from each of the major towns and areas in its domain, its leadership changes almost daily. As a nation, it spends most of its time and energy fending off attacks from the countless hordes of sub-humans that dwell in the region as well as from the dreaded lands of the Groths to the north. Only the Nimiro Range, which extends nearly all the way across its northern border, prevents it from being overrun by the northern hordes (although it provides the near limitless supply of Gobliins and other hostile races to fight).

The Adventure Begins...

The Robust town of Eastwick lies in the southern area of what is known as the Heimellands (Hammerlands). It is ruled by King Tadal Ironhammer, an aging warriorlord. He is well known for quelling the Giant uprising in the Hethergault as well as finding and killing the legendary bandit-king Osmo. He is generous and well liked and although he is a warlord who took his throne by force, he is always willing to aid and support the local communities and people in his domain. he is now an old man, sitting alone in his mighty hall, and there is a new generation waiting to take his place and carve their own names into the history books of Palantine.
Eastwick prospers laying between the Vladic lands in the north and Andoria in the south. much trade and diversity is to be found within her low-walled city and one can find just about anything, even goods from as far away as the remote lands of Vassagonia. An occasional Elf can be seem in and around the city, trading and visiting and some even taking up residence for a time though their reclusive nature makes permanent residence rare. The city bustles with Halflings and its army of mostly drunken warriors provides most of the protection for the Halfling community of Gnoamor that lies to the southwest at the edge of the mighty Lemulain forest (ancient home of the Elves). Dwarves can be seen throughout the city, living and working with all members of the community. there is even a highway that runs from Eastwick to the Solitary mountain fortress ,Ironforge, to the west. Ironforge (or its Dwarven name Bok-Thaumog) is the lone Dwarven city in Palantine. resting in the Iron Spine mountains it is an ancient and mighty fortress built into the very mountain itself. It is a reverent place for Dwarfish kind and it is required that all Dwarves, regardless of where they make their homes, must make a pilgrimage there at least twice every century.

Because of the healthy and robust commerce to be had in Eastwick, the surrounding hills and forests are repleat with bandits and villians, waiting to make an easy score on a local farming community or poorly guarded caravans. Because of this, mercenaries and bounty hunters are in excellent supply as well. there are even a few Elvish bounty hunters. using their cultural skills to track down their criminal prey.
making the area even more diverse is the constant threat of Goblin and Kobold clans in the Hills and small mountains to the east. Being unable to eradicate them from their hillside homes, their populations grow until they are too great and spill out into the surrounding communities.


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