A Dark Time of Adventure begins…

Welcome to Palantine. A dangerous world of ancient sorceries and dark magic. A place where monsters still roam the land preying on the unwise and unwary, as mankind marks its place in history and carves out its destiny from the rugged land.

Mankind is joined in its struggle for survival with other races, the reclusive Elves, living in their forest cities in harmony with the land and the dour and sturdy Dwarves, dwelling in their mountain homes, mastering metal and stone. Halflings have also made their home alongside mankind as well, weaving their societies in with man, for protection (as well as a tidy profit). In the Wild Lands the noble and elusive Centaurs roam free across these hardy plains. Then, far in the west, there is always the presence of the Shadaki. A race of men ruled over by their dark masters called the Overlords, they live and thrive in these lands. Lands scarred and torn by deadly marsh and plains of glass where the very air is a toxic miasma.

It is a time for heroes, for brave and hardy souls to take up arms against the forces that seek eternally to destroy, defile and dominate.

It is a time for adventure.


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